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In colonial Virginia, not far from here, a group of german settlers hoped to find a fresh start in the new world, Jacob Makaabe (pronounced "Ma-cob") had brought his family here because of some 'unpleasantness' over some of his scientific experiments in his home land.

But soon after setting up a new home, the same thing happened as always. Whispers from the neighbors, and the never ending prying eyes of the suspicious.

So with an easy exchange of cash for favors at the capitol, he was deeded the land you now stand on, and his work continued.

The work Makaabe was doing was always the problem. He knew that he could open a door to the spirit world, using all the latest technology he had on hand. But he couldn't know that the reason it was so easy to get this land was that it already contained such a doorway. So terrible, that even the local Natives wouldn't use the land.

One night, after years of hearing the moans, groans, and other strange noises, the towns people of Leesburg heard an ear shattering crash in the middle of the night.

The next morning what they found was nothing. Nothing at all. For Jacob's house, Makaabe Manor, had simply vanished.

Over the years, legends of this haunted ground were handed down through old family stories, to the point that it wasn't really believed, but just used to scare children around the fire late at night.

During the Civil War, confederate troops used the open land as a campground during the battle of Balls Bluff, and it seemed that whatever was in the ground came forth again, as the terrible carnage of that battle surely shows.

But as always, time erases bad memories, and the stories about Makaabe Manor and the evil ground returned to mere spook tales.

In the mid 20th century the curse showed itself once more. The town was using the always abandoned field as a ballfield, and school bus parking.

Not a good idea as both were also consumed. Perhaps there is more to the sinkholes that dot the surrounding countryside.

With more modern exploration, divers were sent down to a well to look around, and they found a huge under ground lake. One that had never been known before, and one was .... pure evil.

That didn't stop anyone from building the houses you see around you though.

The owners of this house knew better. Their family always believed in the stories handed down, and when the house became available, they snatched it up for their own demonic purposes.

Come inside if you dare. Come look at the portals they have opened.

There's nothing to fear, it's only a silly local legend, isn't it?

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